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Bundle: 5 x 7 Prints of all Three Sister AND a Tote Bag

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This bundle provides 5 x 7 prints of each of the sisters and the tote bag! All proceeds of the sale of this piece will go to the Community Playboxes Project. "The 3 sisters of fate are from Greek mythology. They determine the fates of every person. Clotho weaves the threads of fate, which is where life begins. Lahkesis is the sister that measures the thread which determines the life span of a person. Atropos is the sister that cuts the thread, she ends the person's life. They are powerful goddesses that control the lives of those that are gods and those who are considered mortals like humans. These pieces were all created with the elementary school art curriculum in mind. There is a lot of color within the pieces hitting all of the primary colors and using the entire color wheel to color the series. The fundamentals of art are all so present. There is simple composition, a lot of lines, and different textures in each painting. The introduction to portraiture for children in elementary settings is also present within the series."- Yosimar Gutierrez

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